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The Problem: Nonpoint source pollution is a major threat to Michigan's waters as well as the Great Lakes. Nutrient and sediment input to water bodies across the state have led to massive algal and plant growth, increased turbidity, decreased oxygen levels, decreased biodiversity, and a downward trend in overall water quality. Finally, naturally occuring groundwater contaminants restrict water use in parts of the state.

The Solution: eWatershed (formerly called ELUCID), in part funded via Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, will enhance the capacity of leaders and organizations working in their respective region to positively impact their communities and the waters of the Great Lakes. Through the project's enhanced technical assistance and outreach efforts, adoption and implementation of water management strategies will be accelerated. The tool seeks to achieve a larger beneficial impact on agricultural non-point source (NPS) pollution, compared to would be attained using current approaches, and to better educate the public on the effects of groundwater contamination.

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If you would like to learn more about eWatershed, please visit our project website or contact us at iwr@msu.edu.